Tips on Buying a New Pet

If you are thinking about buying a pet, you must consider whether or not you can meet its needs and requirements. This will allow you to decide whether it will match your life and whether it is the best animal for you. To aid you in making this decision, the following are 3 of the most important things you must consider before making that trip to the pet store:


How Many Should You Get?


Pets are very sociable creatures. They love to have the company of other animals and can get lonely without it. As such, it is important to ensure that your cavies live in groups of at least two animals. Even better, if you can look after three or more, then that’s better still, and your pets will indeed thank you for it.


Inside Or Outside?


It is best to keep your cavies inside if possible. This shelters them from the harsh outdoor environment and also makes them feel like part of the family. It also encourages you to get your pet out and play with them more often, which is good for both you and your pets. If you must keep your animals outdoors, it is important that you don’t keep them in the same type of cage that you’d use indoors. Instead, you should buy a purpose-built hutch and give your pets plenty of warm bedding in the winter.

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Do You Have Time To Spend Time With Them Regularly?


Because they are such sociable creatures, Pets need plenty of contact with humans. This will help to keep them entertained and exercised, making them more lively and more rewarding to spend time with. If you have a very busy life and find it difficult or impossible to play with your pets at least once every couple of days, you might be better off considering a different pet which doesn’t demand so much of your time.